Petrolium Product Supplier / Exporter from United States, United Arab Emirates & India to worldwide destination.

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Our Product

  • PET Polyethylene Terephthalate

    Clean transparent Flakes/ Green Flakes We deal in recycled PET Flakes in India and Globally. Companies planning to buy Recycled PET Flakes can approach us.

  • Polyethylene PE

    Complete range of HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE, including Metallocene LLDPE, plastomers and elastomers for flexible and rigid applications.

  • Polyvinyl Chloride PVC Resin

    Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the world's third most widely used plastic. Companies planning to buy Recycled PET Flakes can approach us.

  • Polypropylene PP

    all kind of HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE Regrind, Pipes & Lumps supply from US, UAE, Australia, India. Companies planning to buy Recycled HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE Regrind Pipes & Lumps can approach us.

  • Acrylic PMMA

    Acrylic is a highly transparent plastic used in transparent windows, signboards, taillights of automobiles, bathtub liners, sinks, cell phone display screens etc. our Company can suppor you with acrylic regrind / lumps. .

  • Bitumen

    Bitumen is known for its waterproofing and adhesive product and is maximum used for roads and highways. Companies planning to buy Bitumen can approach us.

Your are with trusted supplier to deal for Polymers / Petro Products.

List of Products

* PE [Polyethylene]
* PET [Polyethylene Terephthalate]
* PVC [Polyvinyl Chloride]
* PE [[Polyethylene]] REGRIND
* PET [Polyethylene Terephthalate] LUMPS
* ACRYLIC Polymethyl methacrylate [PMMA]

  • 7+Country

  • 50+Shipment/M

  • 5000+MTCapacity

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About Us


Samay Plast is a worldwide polymer distribution & trading company involved in all kind of Prime & Regrind plastic row material product. Our company have wide range of petrolium / polymer product such as prime, Near Prime, Off Grade & recycle granules & also deal in plastic regrinds and lumps & scraps.

Our group company are supporing us with prodyct from from United State, Latin Amertica Countries, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Saudi Arabia, African Countries, Far East Countries and delivery to Asian Countires i.e India, Malaysia, bangladesh, Sri Lanka & African, European Countires.